What Others Are Saying About Agogi Academy of Combatives

“We as a household really appreciate the open schedule and friendly learning environment. My daughter has learned a bundle of lifelong self-defense tactics and says its like a extended family and I agree. She is more fitness aware since she started about a year ago now.”

Brian Giddings

“My son and I are very pleased with the training we receive at your Agogi Academy of Combatives.   The school is a “no pressure” school allowing students time to master all of the techniques without criticism from the instructors.”

Bryon Covell

“The training at Agogi has given me confidence in my day to day life.  I have lost weight do to training with Chris and Kathy. The environment there feels like home.”

Mike Shaw

“I’m very satisfied with your class and the way you prepare the children for real life, because it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Chris is amazing, his temperament, patience, and charisma is infectious.”

Jacob Wing

“FIRST time back on the mats since my disc replacement, what an honor to have done it at Agogi Academy of Combatives under the tutelage of Chris Agogi Holmes. It speaks to the quality of his instruction that Chris Thrasher would trust his crippled wife to gimp her way back into grappling at this QUALITY gym!”

Beth Thrasher

Our mission is to provide systems of self defense where our members feel the confidence to walk through society knowing that they have the tools needed to avoid or conclude a confrontation.