This children’s program is designed to introduce children to the basic concepts of Gracie Jiu Jitsu. The program addresses issues of being bullied and teaches children positive ways to combat bullying. The classes are for ages 5 to 12. A Gi is required.

These classes follow the Pedro Sauer Gracie Jiu Jitsu curriculum. Students master a variety of techniques that are applicable in self defense situations. Jiu Jitsu is a valuable tool in protecting yourself but also provides good fitness training. Classes are for ages 12 and up. A Gi is required.

Women’s self defense for women and by women. We support each other as we learn proven techniques to deal with a variety of self defense situations. The class also provides discussion and other support for women as they need it. The classes are for ages 12 and up. Wear comfortable workout clothes.

Kali is a weapons based system from the Philippines. One of the training methods that makes it different from other Arts is that you start with a weapon from the beginning. Many other Arts do not teach weaponry till later into the training. The most common training tool (weapon) is the Rattan Stick. It comes in a variety of lengths, but 28” inches is common. Other aspects of the art include Edged Weapons ( Swords, Knives & Spears). There are also Flexible Weapons. Empty Hands (Boxing, Kicking, Trapping, Grappling) are also apart of the Systems.